Membership in SPWRAP is the exclusive means by which individual Colorado water users may participate in the Platte River Program, and thereby be afforded the benefits and certainty of ESA compliance for their projects while avoiding stand-alone project mitigation requirements during Section 7 consultation under ESA.  A certification of membership in SPWRAP is a prerequisite for water users to rely on the program for purposes of streamlined ESA Section 7 consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The river depletions about which FWS is concerned are both the depletions that have been occurring for decades, as well as the compounding effect of future depletions.  Because of that and the fact that the costs of the program began in 2007, fairness requires that all water users in the basin pay their fair share.  As a result, water users who delay becoming members are required to pay assessments for all prior years, plus compounded interest, at the time they do join.

Membership Certificates

SPWRAP is committed to providing membership certificates in a timely manner to members once we have received full payment for the assessed annual fee and any required back assessments. Some members require an invoice from SPWRAP in order to process their assessment fees within their organization. SPWRAP is glad to provide you with a separate invoice upon your request. SPWRAP will need you to complete and submit the appropriate member class Reporting Form & Assessment Invoice for us to determine the amount to include on the separate invoice.

Please submit the appropriate member class Reporting Form & Assessment Invoice to:

c/o Northern Water
220 Water Ave.
Berthoud, CO 80513

Entities that join SPWRAP for the first time in 2019, or in subsequent years, are required to pay back assessments to the beginning of 2007.

Please contact Daniel Gallen at 303-739-7507, if you need help determining the back assessments or have other questions.