Benefits of SPWRAP membership

Membership in SPWRAP is the exclusive means by which Colorado water users may obtain the benefits of streamlined Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance under the Platte Program for member project depletions affecting target species. Streamlined consultation avoids the need for project-specific consultation and mitigation under ESA Section 7 by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

In addition to streamlined consultation, your annual membership assessments allow SPWRAP to provide other services and benefits to members. The State takes primary responsibility for meeting Colorado’s direct financial obligations to the Program, and SPWRAP is responsible for meeting South Platte River flow re-timing obligations, as well as the obligations for groundwater recharge accounting, PRRIP depletion accounting, and general water use data.  SPWRAP also provides half of Colorado’s delegates to the Program Governance Committee and various technical advisory committees.

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